Music by Will Reynolds
Book and Lyrics by Eric Price

Radioactive is the story of Marie and Pierre Curie, the two revolutionary scientists who discovered radium, the most mysterious element on the Periodic Table.


Marie arrives in Paris as the ultimate outsider—a female from a foreign country who wants to be a scientist. When she is assigned to share a laboratory with the no-nonsense Pierre, she finds the perfect collaborator. So does Pierre, but he also falls in love.


As Marie relentlessly pursues her scientific research, Pierre seeks to open her heart. It is their shared discovery—a theoretical element that Marie calls radium—and the unforgiving and dangerous quest to prove its existence that brings the two scientists together as husband and wife.


They become an inseparable team and, as they uncover their element, they encounter a glowing force that is beautiful and frightening, that has the power to heal and the power to kill.


And they must decide what to do with it.


© 2020 by Eric Price